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To Our Readers

We have an exciting announcement.

As many of our readers know, we are fascinated by the digital asset exchange space. While nearly everyone interested in digital assets uses an exchange, these platforms receive very little attention, with users often trusting word-of-mouth recommendations in lieu of deeper due diligence.

We have not been shy about our pro-regulatory stance. While many in this space are comfortable accepting inflated (‘synthetic’) trading volume, regulatory arbitrage, and minimal customer asset security as the nature of the game, we believe these poor operating practices are insidious and drag down the potential of the entire ecosystem. We welcome the recent move towards more active regulatory action. These exchanges are the foundation of the industry, and you must trust your foundation in order to build upon it.

In each of our articles, we have included a disclaimer that we trust our own research – and we have not been shy about our perspectives on who we see as the best exchanges . As living proof of our trust in this research, we are excited to announce that our Primary Contributor, Duncan Wells, will be joining Liquid USA as Head of Strategy.

What does this mean for Bear Market Valuations?

In short, we will not be publishing for the foreseeable future. Some of our more attentive readers noted that there was a lull in our publishing – we did this to avoid any conflicts of interest or internal bias in our research and writing. We have not published any articles while Duncan was in discussion for the role, period. We strive for transparency and objectivity.

For the time being, we will keep our existing research up for public consumption. While for some this may cast doubt upon our research, we hope that you see it in a different light – as the faith we have in the due diligence and findings that we have shared with you.

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Bear Market Valuations

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